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How It Works

We have a system that works and it just happens to be backed by science.


Become a benevolent leader your dog can trust!

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What is Positive Reinforcement and Why?
Let's motivate our dogs!

Positive reinforcement training is the quickest most effective way to train your dog. We can quickly teach and shape new skills using positive reinforcement methods and even modify a wide range of behaviors we find to be undesirable.  It's simple- we are adding something pleasant to increase the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated. Dogs will always repeat a behavior that is reinforced. For instance, Sit= treat. Dogs do not learn right from wrong; they learn through cause-and-effect associations as well as consequences. They learn that something can be safe or unsafe, fun, or scary. In addition to being the most effective way to train dogs; it creates a lasting bond based on mutual trust and respect instead of pain, intimidation, or fear.


We all know that punishment does not work for dogs or with people. It causes stress and anxiety, making to more difficult to learn and retain information, but it has also proven to cause more issues with your dog as well as escalating any existing issues.


So Let's motivate our dogs! By motivating our dogs to make the right choice using rewards we have a dog that will constantly offer us new behaviors, making it so much easier to train them and strengthening our bond.



A clicker is a small training tool that makes a 'click' noise, this is called a reward marker. A verbal reward marker can also be used ("YES!!).  The clicker or verbal reward marker is paired up with treats. For instance: I ask my dog to 'sit', he sits, I click and then reward. The dog quickly learns what behavior I am looking for him to repeat.

Once the dog is conditioned to the word or the click, we can teach a wide variety of new behaviors. The clicker works as an effortless way to communicate with your dog, letting them know what behaviors we desire.

FUN FACT - you can clicker train a wide variety of animals and species! From fish to birds to cats! Even people!

Good leaders guide without intimidation.
Good leaders set clear guidelines.
Good leaders don't punish mistakes but reward wins.
Good leaders inspire and make following fun.

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