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Learn to Speak Dog
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


because we use science!

Our real-life training courses are based on proven science. We offer force free training that creates a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Dog Behaviour Training

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New puppy? Rescue? Aggressive? Concerning behaviours?

We have a course for that!

Training Consultation

In Home Assessment

Training consultations are available in your home and at your convenience. The consultation will consist of discussing the issues you are having with you dog in detail, your dog’s history, then we will go over a general training outline that will specifically address the issues. All training programs are customized to fit you, your dog and your lifestyle to ensure success!

Perfect Puppy

Group Class & In Home Training

This program includes everything you need to know about raising the perfect puppy. Puppy training is prevention training, we teach our puppies from the start what we want by rewarding behaviors we like and setting up their environment to make it easy for them to succeed!

Real World Life Skills

Basic Manners 2

This program focuses on continuing the skills learned in basic manners. It teaches you how to generalize and proof foundation skills to real life situations and distractions that you may face daily.

Feisty Fido


This program is perfect for dogs that exhibit agression or reactivity toward other dogs and/or people, resource guarding and similar behaviours. This program works to help build confidence in your dog and change the way your dog feels about a trigger, and replacing old unwanted behaviors with new desirable ones.

Basic Skills

Group Class & In Home Training

Using positive based methods, you will learn how to shape solid foundation skills. This program covers all the basic skills needed for a well-mannered happy dog! This teaches you not only how to effectively communicate with your dog, but also focuses on how to establish benevolent leadership based on mutual trust and respect.

Virtual Dog Training

Skills & Behaviour Training

Want results from the comfort of your living room? Elite K9 offers live interactive training and behavioural consultations!
This program is for dogs of all ages and sizes from puppy training to basic skills to tricks and tips! This program is delivered via Google MEET.

Oh Behave!

Over stimulation/ Jumping up/ Counter surfing

This program focuses on changing those behaviors and replacing those with new behaviors. This will help you to build solid communication skills with your dog, teach healthy bounderies and learning how to enrich their lives. These behaviors can be prevented (when they are puppies) and modified with positive based methods to help your dog make the right choice.

Living in Harmony

Children and Dogs

As a certified dog bite prevention educator, I feel it is important to share my knowledge to keep children, communities, and families safe. This program is designed for teaching children how to 'speak dog' and understand how to safety interact with all dogs.

Game On!

Group Class

In this class we focus on reshaping your dog's brain while introducing some new concepts and games into the mix. This interactive class continues to build a solid foundation while training some new fun tricks and concepts along the way that build on your dog’s focus, engagement and impulse control.

Certified Force Free Training

When your dog’s behaviour needs some attention, it can’t happen quick enough... right? We’ve created a real-world menu of courses that deal with every day situations. Our courses are tailored to fit both you and your dog.  We offer in home training options and training classes at On Target Dog Training in Colborne, ON

  • Aggression/fearfulness & reactivity

  • Anxiety

  • Leash manners

  • Crate training

  • Resource guarding (toy and food aggression)

  • Impulse control

  • Excessive barking

  • Jumping up

  • House soiling issues

  • Puppy training

Brenna Wilson dog Training

Meet your trainer



People are talking and it's all good!

We were looking for a trainer for our (large) puppy and were losing hope.  We had taken her to puppy classes but she had outgrown those and was now exhibiting behaviours we didn’t know how to deal with.  We read books, and watched videos, and did all the things our puppy class trainer told us to do but nothing seemed to be working.  We didn’t know what we were doing wrong, and were wondering if our dog was “aggressive” or “dominant” and we were losing control.  We started looking for a trainer, and the discouragement continued – our heart was broken when we were told the best solution would most likely be an e-collar.  Shocking our dog with any kind of a charge just didn’t seem right and I couldn’t see how that would get her to trust us.  And then we called Brenna and our world changed – Brenna knew that it would take work but an e-collar would not be necessary.  The “aggression” and “dominance” that we thought was being displayed is gone.  Brenna is not only training our pup, but she’s training us as well – so that we understand what her behaviours mean and how to deal with them in a positive way. We’ve been working with Brenna for a few months and wouldn’t be where we are without her.


Meet some of our graduates

You can always spot an Elite K9 graduate, they’re the ones with the ear-to-ear smile!

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