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We have courses for virtually everything. Even virtual courses!


Get to know your dog like never before.

Kid and dog safety

We're flexible when you can't be!

We offer several convenient options when you decide to start training:


4 Week Package

4 lessons, each lesson lasts: 1 hour


6 Week Package

6 lessons, each lesson lasts: 1 hour


8 Week Package

8 lessons, each lesson lasts: 1 hour

All Packages include:

  • A customized training plan and Welcome Package

  • Consistent ongoing support in between training lessons 

  • Step-by-step homework outlines between lessons with Training Logs

  • 'Speak Dog' Manual

Bully Breed behavioural Consultation

Training Consultation

In Home Assessment


Training consultations are available in your home and at your convenience.  The consultation will consist of discussing the issues you are having with you dog in detail, your dog’s history, then we will go over a general training outline that will specifically address the issues. This will last 1.5 hours. All training programs are customized to fit you, your dog and your lifestyle to ensure success!

During the assessment I will be consulting with both you and your dog to get a good understanding of your relationship and to learn what type of training and education you both will benefit from to create the lifestyle you crave. During the lesson you will learn tips, tricks and techniques to help you to connect with your dog by building a solid foundation based on mutual trust and respect.  By the end of the consultation  you will have a better idea of how to clearly communicate with your dog as well as the information needed to make an informed decision for the next steps of training. 

Behavioral Consulatation
Perfect Puppy
Puppy Training

Includes a
FREE Puppy

Perfect Puppy

Puppy Program
(10 weeks of age to 4 months)

$150/4 weeks

This program includes everything you need to know about raising the perfect puppy. Puppy training is prevention training, we teach our puppies from the start what we want by rewarding behaviors we like and setting up their environment to make it easy for them to succeed! Prevention is key! Puppies will bark, bite, chew, etc. Its crucial to teach them from day one what we want to prevent behaviors we don't like from becoming ingrained as they grow into adolescence. This program not only includes teaching your puppy the basics (leash walking, place, focus, relaxation, etc.), but we also focus on the importance of socialization, building and growing their confidence, bite inhibition, house training, fun games that teach and more exercises that prevent unwanted behaviors from becoming ingrained. 

We offer in Home Puppy Training as well as public group classes. In Home training can be booked at your convenience in the comfort of your living room.

Rather book a group class? Please register using the online form. 

Location: On Target Dog Training 205 Burbridge Rd, RR 5, Colborne, ON

Duration: 4 weeks/45 min each class

Pricing: $150 HST included

Requirements: First set of vaccinations and must be between 10 and 16 weeks of age at the start of class. If over 4 months please refer to our Basic Skills. 

Start Dates: ​​​​​

  • June 17th @6PM  **NO CLASS ON JULY 1ST​​​



Good Boy
Basic Obedience class

Basic Skills

Basic Manners
(4 months of age or older)

$220/6 weeks

Email for in-home package pricing

Using positive based methods, you will learn how to shape solid foundation skills. This program covers all the basic skills needed for a well-mannered happy dog! This teaches you not only how to effectively communicate with your dog, but also focuses on how to establish benevolent leadership based on mutual trust and respect. It covers everything from Heeling exercises, Settling on a place place, Recall exercises, Stationary positions, learning how to grow your dog's focus around distractions and much more! 

We offer in Home Basic Skills as well as public group classes. In Home training can be booked at your convenience in the comfort of your living room. 

Rather book a group class? Please register using the online form.

Location: On Target Dog Training 205 Burbridge Rd, RR 5, Colborne, ON

Duration: 6 weeks/45 min each class

Pricing: $220 HST included

Requirements: Must be up to date on vaccinations

Start dates: ​​​​​​​​​​

  • June 17th @5PM  **NO CLASS ON JULY 1ST

  • June 17th @7PM  **NO CLASS ON JULY 1ST

Oh Behave!
Misbehaving dog training

Oh Behave!

Mouthing/Jumping/Excessive Barking, etc.

Email for package pricing

Behaviors that we may find undesirable are usually completely normal and natural behaviors for your dog. All the above behaviors are not problems for the dog’s but more so problems for us. This program focuses on changing those behaviors and replacing those with new behaviors and giving your dog's enrichment. This will help you to build solid communication skills with your dog, teach healthy boundaries and learning how to enrich their lives.


These behaviors can be prevented (when they are puppies) and modified with positive based methods to help your dog make better choices. If we would like our dogs to behavior differently, we need to set up their environment to make it easy for them to succeed and teach them what we want! Punishing our dog for acting like a dog is not only unfair, but it can quickly deteriorate the bond we have with them. 

dog aggression and fear

Feisty Fido


Email for package pricing

This program is for dogs that may exhibit aggression/anxiety/fear responses/reactivity toward dogs and/or people, resource guarding, separation anxiety, etc. We work on changing your dog's CER (Conditioned Emotional Response) to their triggers. 

This program works to help build confidence in your dog and change the way your dog feels about a trigger, and replacing old unwanted behaviors with new desirable ones.  A trigger is anything that causes your dog to react. After determining your dog's 'triggers' we work on desensitizing them to those triggers by pairing up the things that previously caused them to react with positive things such as treats and toys. We carefully increase the intensity of the triggers, changing your dog's emotional response, thus changing their behavior. We use controlled set ups for real life situations. 

In addition to results by the end of one of the programs you will have the knowledge on how clearly communicate with your dog, understand how the learn continue to manage their behaviour. 

Fiesty Fido
Real World Life Skills
Husky training around distractions

Real World Life Skills


Email for package pricing

This program focuses on continuing the skills learned in basic manners. It teaches you how to generalize and proof foundation skills to real life situations and distractions that you may face daily.

aussie training

Game On! Group Class

Games that Teach

$150/4 weeks

Playing games with your dog is a great way to train new (and very useful) skills as well as continue to strengthen your bond! Remember mental stimulation for our dogs is equally important as physical stimulation.

In this class we focus on reshaping your dog's brain while introducing some new concepts and games into the mix. This interactive class continues to build a solid foundation while training some new fun tricks and concepts along the way that build on your dog’s focus, engagement and impulse control. 

Why are games important:  

  • Training Games can improve your communication with your dog 

  • Brain Power! Games are mentally stimulating for both you and your dog 

  • Improves your bond with your dog 

  • Makes training fun and engaging 

Location: On Target Dog Training 205 Burbridge Rd, RR 5, Colborne, ON

Duration: 4 weeks/45 min each class

Pricing: $150 HST included

Start Dates: 

  • June 17th @8PM  **NO CLASS ON JULY 1ST

Let the games begin!  

Game On! Group Class
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