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Elite K9 

Some facts about Brenna Wilson, KPA-CPT, CTB.ccs,IPDTA-CDT

  • Training since 2008

  • Member of the International Positive Dog Training Association (IPDTA) Certified Humane Dog Training Professionals 

  • Graduated Canine Communication Studies 2008

  • Certified Training partner of Karen Pryor Academy 2015

  • Certified Bite prevention Educator - Be A Tree Presenter Licensed Partner

  • Member of Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

  • Aggression in Dogs Master course with Michael Shikashio

  • Certified in Pet First Aid

Brenna Wilson and Shyla

Dogs have always been Brenna's passion. Growing up around dogs taught her from a young age the value of the dog/human relationship. The highlight of her day as a young child was coming home from school to spend the rest of the day with her best friend Buddy, her first dog. Buddy lived a long healthy life.


Her next childhood dog Rusty (Doberman, Rottie X), taught Brenna the value and importance of gentle leading. Rusty was a high energy dog that needed a lot of healthy outlets and training. Not only did she teach Rusty a wide variety of new skills when she was a child, he taught her important lessons on a daily. He lived a long life of 16 years.


Brenna adopted her next dog, Shyla, a Husky Mix. Now you know how they say all dogs are different just like people? Shyla was just that! She was different. She was also found as a stray at 6 weeks of age, Shyla was Brenna's soul dog. She was the dog that taught Brenna A LOT. She guided Brenna to where she is today.  


Spud ( her 12 year old Lab) is Brenna's right hand dog. Anyone that knows Spud falls in love with his spirit. 

Molly is Brenna's 4 year old rescue. 


Brenna started her professional journey in 2006 ago where she began working at a dog kennel. She quickly learned what part of the dog field she excelled at and wanted to purse which was dog behavior; why dogs act the way the act and do the things they do. She continued her path and graduated Canine Communication Studies with Shyla by her side in 2008 where she earned her Comprehensive Canine Behavior and Aggression Therapy Diploma as well as Pet Dog Training.


From there she became one of the head behaviorist/trainers and manager at a larger dog training facility coaching 20 staff members. She works extensively with rescue dogs by rehabilitating them to find their forever homes. She continued onto to earning a certification being named a Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy in 2015. She prides herself on investing in her own professional and personal education to continue to keep up to date on new techniques in the K9 world. 


Her goal is to educate all dog owners on how to effectively communicate with their dog while building a solid relationship based on mutual trust and respect.


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