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5 Training Tips to a Happy Dog

Teach your dog to ask for things of Value (Rewards)

If your dog wants you to do something from him- such as play, treats, toys, etc (anything he finds rewarding) for example—first ask him to perform a previously taught cue, even something as simple as a ‘sit.’ Dogs are motivated to control resources. We want our dogs to understand that we are the most important of all, we are the giver of all those good things!

Catch your Dog being good!

Dog’s love attention. Give them clear feedback when they do something you like! It is especially important that we tell our dogs through praise, treats, anytime of rewards when they are doing a good job!

Calm behaviour works- Ignore Demands

Attention seeking behaviours are things such as barking, whining, pawing, jumping, etc. If your dog comes up to you to demand these things, it is important that you get up and walk away from them (make sure their daily needs are met when following this rule). Once your stops demanding, call him over and give him whatever he wanted in the first place. Attention, food, praise will be given when you say so, not when your dog says so. Remember it is important to have met their daily needs first!

Mental and Physical Stimulation


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